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lbls is one of South Africa’s foremost translation and language services providers. We specialise in business and academic translations between African, Asian, European, and Middle-eastern languages. Expert interpreters, audio transcribers, editors and proofreaders complement our business communication suite. Need a turnkey business document creation service? Our award-winning copywriters and graphic designers are standing by. Whatever your language or communication requirements, for you translation services in Johannesburg – call us today!

Translation Services Pretoria – Our Translators:

  • All our translators have post-graduate qualifications and a minimum of five years’ experience.
  • All our translators are accredited.
  • We follow a stringent recruitment procedure. Only highly qualified translators are considered. They have to provide us with a portfolio of successfully completed projects and references to contact to verify their competence and experience. Thereafter, they are tested, and only then are they allowed to begin working on a translation.
  • Samples from each completed translation are quality-checked by a different translator.
  • Clients are asked for feedback after translations have been delivered. Any negative comments are investigated and the translator is removed from our database if the comments are found to be valid.


Translation Services Pretoria – Our Services:

Except for translation services, lbls also offers a wide range of other language-related services. This includes interpreting; transcription; editing; proofreading; copywriting; graphic design (including document layout, branding and typesetting); and printing.

A popular offering by lbls is plain English editing/overwriting, where technical texts are overwritten into language that the lay person can understand, in compliance with legislation. Linda, as plain English trainer, is well suited to overseeing a pool of plain English editors. Each project is micro-managed to ensure that the highest standard is maintained.

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